Tim McGraw releases the highly anticipated music video for his single “NEON CHURCH” via Columbia Nashville/McGraw Music. The video premiered in New York City’s famed Times Square on CMT’s Billboard and the CMT Hot 20 Countdown on Saturday. The video available now on VEVO – watch HERE – was teased all week on McGraw’s Instagram with mysterious clips featuring the video’s characters.

Following the footsteps of a lone traveler, the video, directed by Shane Drake, brings the song’s lyrics to life. Viewers are introduced to a mysterious town where the local residents find solace from the isolation of their daily lives in the community of the local bar. Poetically guided by McGraw’s performance amidst a cascading barrage of neon lit signage, the church-like rituals unfold. When the locals disperse back to their solitary lives, the video reveals something magical about who these people really are and what lies beneath the surface.

“Shane and I talked a lot about the depth and meaning of ‘NEON CHURCH.’ The song has a lot of grit, and there’s a darkness to it. So we wanted the video to carry some of that darkness and moodiness,” McGraw explains. “But you also have the neon… the light. Neon light is literally the calling card to a bar – you also have the human light that calls people to be together. We’re all a little broken, but that doesn’t mean we don’t each carry some light.”

Drake elaborates: “As the final shot draws to a close, we are left with the distinct feeling that perhaps this isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of something much bigger.”